Googles Attack on Non-Optimised Websites!

Responsive-Website-DesignApril 21st was a key date for your diary as ‘Mobilegeddon’ arrived. In a nutshell, Google’s latest update will drive mobile responsive websites higher up in mobile Google searches. Consequently, from April 21st, mobile compatibility has to be the only ranking indicator for any website on Google. This transformation will unfavourably affect the websites which do not have mobile responsive website design and so many organisations may be clear in thinking it is time for affordable website design as the solution.

With this declaration, Google aims to reward all of its mobile responsive websites with enhanced search rankings. If your website is not optimised for traffic arriving from any other mobile device then this can have a damaging influence on mobile search rankings. A non-mobile responsive website design, therefore, will only count only on desktop originated traffic and so deserves its title of Mobilegeddon.

Frustrations do arise when a person tries to access a non-responsive website from a handheld device and the functionalities are all wrong. Realistically a person will have left the site straight away as it is far too troublesome to load the pages appropriately. So fundamentally, at this point in time, you are left with the perfect option of mobile responsive website design of your desktop site to improve your rankings. It is recommended that you make the necessary changes to your website to make it mobile responsive but this can be a complicated and time-consuming process.

Here are some things for you to consider when thinking about how responsive your website is:-

  • Visually does it suit all devices? How does it feel when you load it onto a mobile device?
  • Are your Tap Targets accessible? You need to make it easy to the touch to navigate around your site on whichever platform.
  • Is it readable? You need to ensure that your text size is appropriate.
  • Accessible page-speed – this is where affordable website design usually comes into its own.
  • File conflicts need to be configured so that Google can understand your website.


You can easily discover if your website is mobile responsive by asking us for a FREE check! – Just use our enquiry form here.

If you are uncertain which method you should be adopting to make your website mobile friendly then looking into mobile responsive website design is a must. It is important to use this update as a calling to update for the future as it looks as if there is no way back from mobile. It is imperative to start to implement Google’s previous recommendations and consider mobile responsive website design. If you want to stay at the top of your field then there seems to be without question no way that you can take no notice of this message. As an alternative of being terrified of this update, trust that you can rely on affordable website design if needed and so see it as an occasion to add to your existing website and make the improvements that will enhance your business.

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