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My name's Adam and I'm the owner and Managing Director of Penguin Media.


I love what I do. I'm highly creative and love all aspects of business and marketing.


As a teenager growing up in Essex when I left school, like many, I never knew what I wanted to do. I dabbled in Graphic Design at school and moved around jobs for a couple of years before going to work for a short season in Ayia Napa, Cyprus.


I got the opportunity to come back to the UK as the head of a signage company's print division, handling all the graphic design and print outsourcing, which I accepted. I enjoyed it for a short while, but was unfulfilled. I always wanted to work for myself as my dad ran his own business too.


I took a leap of faith and with my graphic design skills and what little money I had in the bank, I was off to start my own online print company.

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The journey began

what a rollercoaster

With an online company, one of the first things I came up against was branding and needing a website. Quite important with an online company wouldn't you say. I called several companies as well as e-mailed several companies and couldn't believe the lack of responses I got. Also, the amount of technical waffle people tried to bamboozle me with was crazy. I'm a natural salesman at heart so I can smell bull**** from a mile away.


I ended up taking the plunge and learning everything I needed to know myself. That was 8 years ago. Since then I carried out loads of online courses and exams, further developing my coding skills to a high standard where I can now help other businesses with their websites.


I went on to do in-depth training in conversion optimisation and SEO so I didn't just produce great looking websites, but websites that also produced results. This is what makes my services unique. I focus on what the user wants and let that dictate the style and layout of the site.


The business originally started by being called Banner Penguin. This limited me to the print industry a bit. I then launched Penguin Pages for the website arm of the business. Things then got confusing with invoices, clients etc so we rebranded under 1 umbrella - Penguin Media. Always remember to plan ahead.


That leads me to where I am today. Running a successful digital agency. Busy, stressed, working loads of hours but wouldn't change it for the world. A well-deserved drink required! (see pic on the left Summer 2015 - Weston-Super-Mare).

Personal life

hobbies and what I work for

I work a lot of hours so sadly, don't have too many interesting hobbies. Family, fishing and the odd pint of cider down the pub with my father in law is about it.


In 2012 I met the love of my life who I am set to marry in July 2017 and then jet off on our honeymoon for a well-deserved break. She puts up with a lot including my crazy work hours. Only fair I spend some of my money on her to make her feel better.


In 2015 I moved to Somerset from Essex for a better way of life. This is where Mrs Penguin is from so made sense and was one of the best decisions I ever made.


The other special 'person' in our lives is our dog Loki. He is a Pomsky and is so dopey it's unbelievable. He is currently 3 years old.


That's enough about me. Let's start a new story with the start of your project - contact me today.

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what my clients say

Adam was fantastic to work with due to his quality of work, but also his client management skills. Firstly, the work was a very high standard and delivered on time. But, more importantly, he took the time and effort to add value throughout the entire project...Read More

James Williams

Motus Fitness

Really pleased with the result, Adam was quick, responsive and creative. He nailed the brief on time and budget would highly recommend and am happy work with him again... Read More

Kevin Gardam

Open House St Albans

Penguin Media have been fabulous to work with. I now have a website that is professional, easy to navigate and mobile friendly. Communication with them has always been fast and friendly what I wanted they seemed to know... Read More

Lucy Dempster

Holistic & Beauty

Penguin Media provide an affordable, highly professional service and I can't imagine starting my new business without them. I have found them to be helpful and very knowledgeable and I would recommend them to anyone that needs a reliable... Read More


Nails by Nataya

Would recommend Penguin Media 100%. They have done my printing for business cards, voucher and leaflets, which were of great quality and I’ve just had my web page designed by them. They have been so helpful in the process... Read More

Katy Pearce

Olive Tree Nails & Beauty

Loved the design of my website and Adam interpreted my ideas amazingly!! Very professional service with quick responses. I will be recommending Penguin Media to everyone... Read More

Helen Davies

Elite Life

Adam and his team have been excellent from start to finish. I can not recommend them enough. I contacted them about refreshing one of our websites and they have done an excellent job. The site wasn't a straight forward job either... Read More

Jonathan Young

Jonathan's Fireworks

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