10 reasons
you SHOULDN'T work with me

because I want to tell you the truth

So after reading the title of this page you're probably a bit intrigued, right? Great!


Most people will have 10 reasons why to work with them but I'm a little bit different and I want to work with people I get on with.
I love building up a rapport with my clients and unfortunately, not everyone is a right fit to work together - it happens.
Most of my work is repeat business or referral so it's important to me that we see eye-to-eye and get off on the right foot.

So, here we go - why you shouldn't work with me...

You just want someone to be
your pair of hands

If you need 100% control we probably won't be a good fit. Please understand you are coming to me as a professional so let me do what I'm great at and you'll reap the rewards. I will need your input and everything is up for discussion but if you just want me to be your hands, things aren't going to work out.


You're shopping around for the cheapest price

Just to be clear, I don't offer the cheapest service and never will. Buy cheap buy twice has never been truer than in business. If you aren't looking to invest in your business than neither can I. What I do, however, is deliver unparalleled value for money and you'll get more time and effort from me along with probably a few good laughs along the way when compared to other agencies.

You're/your friend/relative/cat is a designer...

Being a designer is great but in the world of web design it's so much more than all glitz and glam and making things pretty. So much more than the aesthetics go into making a successful website.


As this is something I do every single day, including in my spare time, I'm fully up to date with the latest user trends, SEO tactics and coding standards. I'll always listen to outside criticism and suggestions, however, from experience it's often out of date or not relevant to the core goal of the project.


As a professional you need to trust me that I'm making the right decisions as I want you to succeed.


Designers keep firing you

There could be loads of reasons why this might be happening and some might include accidentally picking a bad designer/agency. However, if this keeps happening something probably isn't quite right in your expectations or the way you work. We can certainly have a chat to see what's happened in the past and to find out more about your project but we may not be a good fit for each other.

You're too busy to be involved

I don't need you to be at your e-mails or on the phone 24/7 but I will need you to be reachable in a timely manner. This, of course, goes both ways. I can't always be instantly available but I'll schedule time as and when required. The success of your project revolves around communication and your participation. Without me being able to get to know you and your business, the project is doomed to fail.


You can't stick to deadlines

No one likes deadlines, myself included, but sometimes they're required. I can be flexible but it's all about communication. If I've asked you to provide something and you can't provide it within a timely manner, then this has a direct impact on your projects deadline as well as other client projects which I may also be working on so it's extremely important we communicate and keep things moving in the right direction.

You think web design is easy

There is a HUGE difference between designing a half reasonable website from a template or theme and getting it live compared to a bespoke website targeted to your demographic and optimised to convert. It's quite rude to presume what I do is easy. Every time you say "Can't you just..." there is a big consequence to this sentence. Everything involves some sort of code or logic so what may sound simple isn't always the case so please just bare that in mind.


You don't trust the professional

This only works if you trust me. The world of web design can be complicated but if you want to know the details I will try my best to explain everything along the way to help you understand. If you don't want to know the fine details then great, I won't bore you to sleep like I do my fiancee. I'm sure in your business you know absolutely everything you need to know and if I were to use your service, I'd trust you to do a great job. I'll need insight into your business but keep in mind I'm the web guy/geek, please trust me.

You don't know if you want to work with me

Hey, I don't want to force you into anything. I'm 100% honest from the start and in respect of starting on the right foot, I don't want you to sign with me unless you are 100% happy and confident that you've chosen the right person to work with. I focus on building a rapport with my clients so if there's any hesitation, this won't work well. I know I can do what you need and if I can't, I'll tell you directly. I have nothing to hide from this side. Be confident in your decision, it is the right one.


You don't want to make money

If you haven't guessed already I'm a bit different to your standard web designer or agency. I'm professional but I'm a real person and may crack a few jokes here and there. Life's too short to be super serious at all times. Let me focus on getting your website and marketing right and then you can focus on spending all the money.

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